19 Things Every man should do before Turning 30

A man doesn’t fundamentally change when the clock strikes 30 who you are at 30is much more a product of your experiences and development throughout your formative 20s in this post I will share with you 19 things every man should do before turning.

Start saving for retirement

It may seem like it’s too early to start saving up but it’s never too early to plan for retirement no matter how little the amount is it doesn’t matter because every penny counts to make save and easy you can adapt the wisdom of the ancient Babylonians by keeping 1/10 of each of the earnings if you start in your 20s you will be surprised what those little amounts will sum up to later in the future

Break bad habits

Research has shown that after your 30s it is difficult to change a particular character hence the time to stop those bad habits such as poor sleep or food cycle has taken excessive alcohol lying possum blame and other bad habits are before you turn 30 every journal quit these bad habits now the struggle to change might get tough in the days ahead

Move out of your parents house

Not toworry you don’t have to get into heatedarguments and fights with your familybefore you move out you could simply get a job in a place far from home when youstay alone you’ll have to think and planfor everything starting from yourmorning tea eat our dinner which mayseem like a small task until you startdoing it the chances are that after a while you might be forced to move backwith your parents but by then you wouldhave learned vital life lessons

Learn to make a decent meal

You thought cooking was a woman’s job and a man who knows how to cook is a mammoth boy well you are wrong it is not out of place for a man to prepare meals, in fact, it is a bonus to you because quite a lot of ladies like men that cook wondering how you could learn to call up your mom friends or any female in your life whenever you want to prepare a meal or better still go on youtube and watch cooking videos

Find a buddy

No doubt you have lots of acquaintances you have thousands of friends and Facebook and who are committed to like in your every post and your phone list is filled with contacts but do you have a friend at night when you are in dire need of something do you have anyone among your contact list whose number you can dial as you approach 30 indeed you may not and should not keep lots of friends but you ought to have a buddy who you can trust and who trusts you

Visit a different-city even once

Traveling to a different city may look like a massive deal especially if you’ve lived all your life in a particular state but at least once you should experience life differently you were young and without a family to cater for there’s no better time to see the world than now Rachel Walsh in once said if we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots and not feed

Learn basic household maintenance

This doesn’t mean you have to study to become a repairer or carry out huge tasks but you should be able to carry out minor household fixes and to guess the cars fault when it breaks down accurately you do not need to call a handyman for a task as small as replacing the lightbulb

Learn to say no

Saying yes to every proposal was an attitude of a man who does not know what he wants before you turn 30you must have disciplined yourself enough to distinguish between offers that are positive impacts and ones that will be a total waste of time and resources and reject the latter ones

Take responsibility for a younger person

There is a sense of responsibility that comes to you when there is someone who looks up to you never mind if you are a last or only child you can always find a younger person around whom you can be responsible for taking responsibility is not only limited to providing material care but it can also be through words of advice or even vary your lifestyle that will prepare you for when you get married and eventually begin to father your kids

Do your laundry

Not all your washing is supposed to be done by a laundryman it is reasonable to take your corporate clothes out to laundry but your indoor and casual clothing you should wash by yourself a young man approached in his30s should be able to handle his laundry if not manually then at the very least he ought to learn how to use the machine

Do something you dread

Are you scared of heights then you should probably go skydiving if you have a phobia for water then go swim in well not without assistance though the main point is that before you turn 30get outside put yourself in the hands of trained professionals and experienced that terrifying feeling of being disclosed to staring death in the face

Date someone with an opposite personality type

There are two things involved you lie to have a great time ora terrible time if the former is the case then you probably found yourself a spouse or Arce if the latter is the case then the relationship will end and you have to move on in all you will learn to adapt and persevere

Volunteer for cause

Don’t just go through life session for high paying jobs find a matter that you are passionate about and make efforts to help others whether it is mental health gender equality or safe sex just seek to give back to society by rendering free services through that cause

Learn to live with other people

So maybe your life was confined while growing up as a kid here is the time to change it before you turn 30 you ought to learn to leave with people you could stay in the college room or moving with a group of friends for a while staying with others will help you build an essential career skill people skill as you would have learned to adapt to different characters and personality types

Learn to apologize

An old unknown quote says the first to apologize is the bravest first to forgive is the strongest and the first to forget is the happiest apologizing takes nothing from you yet gives you so much the word sorry may not be able to fix the damages done but it sure helps to mend broken hearts

Get through a crisis on your own

Having someone you can turn to for help is great however there are times when you need to get through certain situations yourself before you turn 30 be sure to get through a crisis on your own but don’t forget to call out when it seems like death is very close

Find a side gig

You are getting to 30 men you can not rely on your regular day job if you have a car then you should get registered uber or Lyft do you know how to make household repairs be the neighborhood handyman realize that whatever knowledge or skill you possess can be of help to someone render service and get extra bucks

Stop living for social media

Are you still of the habit of hosting your every move and action and social media well it’s time to stop you’ve been addicted to Facebook and Instagram all through your teenage and twenty-something years now you’ reapproaching 30 and it’s time to detach yourself stick to only social media networks that align with your goals you don’t need to be on all platforms

Love yourself

As you approach 30 learn to love yourself stop comparing yourself with others and start being self-sufficient accept the reality of who you are and work towards being a better you most importantly learn to enjoy your own company American author Napolean Hill once said to not wait the time will never be just right start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along

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