3 Reasons Why I Can NEVER Live in America

Hi everyone my name is emmy and as you can see i’m an african and in africa almost everybody you come across want to run away from africa and especially they want to go to america in today’s post i will be sharing with you three reasons why i can never live in america so let me start with the story it happened maybe 16 or 70 years ago my stepbrother called me and handed me a form so when i checked the form i discovered it was this fuselage form for those of you who might not know what fisa laundry is in my country i don’t know maybe they still do it after today they have this fusal entry program where america especially allows some people from my country in nigeria to go to america for whatever times and condition which i didn’t understand so when my brother gave me the form and i checked to see that it was just a lot reform i felt a little bit bad about the fact that my brother wanted me to run away from my country but i couldn’t tell him because in africa city you don’t speak up to your elder so i collected this from from him and kept it without filling the form so about two three weeks later my brother called me and asked for the form so when he looked at how reluctant i was he understood that i never feel the form so he angrily told me go and bring that form.

So i went inside i know brought the form and gave it to him this was 60 70 years ago maybe i was 18 years old or there about and everybody around me wanted to do one thing and that is they wanted to run away from our country i mean nigeria so the question is why do people want to run away from africa very simple number one reason money money is the reason why everybody wants to run away from africa because these people believe if they could run away from their countries of africa in particular get into america europe or whatever other countries we make them to be better financially so without wasting much of your time let me tell you three reasons why i think it is probably stupid to run away from your country to another country because of money

So the first reason is this money is not a factor of your location if money is the factor of location this is what will happen everybody in a certain location will become very rich why everybody in another location will become very poor that essentially means if money has everything to do with where people live it means certain countries of the world, for example, America united kingdom or whatever country you mentioned we have a population of everybody that is wealthy then certain other countries of the world let’s say Nigeria Cameroon South Africa or whatever we have a population of everybody that is poor but as you can see that’s that is not the case so let’s take America for example according to 40 million Americans are fully insecure you know we are talking about people who do not have assurance about where their next meal will come from if you come to the street of lagos and you tell young people in lagos that today 40 million people in america are worried about where their food will come from you know an average guy on the street of lagos would not believe that now

If prevention some of you do not believe that of course you probably believe whatever comes from cnn because it is owned by american so go and read this article from the website of cnn you know 76 percent of american leave paycheck to paycheck this is unbelievable for an average african guy because he believes that everybody who lives in america you know are where to do they have money so you can go ahead and read this publication more than 500 000 americans are homeless you know all these statistics are very difficult to believe for most africans who want to run to america because these guys believe oh everybody in america is fine everybody in america is where to do but the point is money is not a factor of where people live if money was to be a factor of where people live then a country like america should have everybody becoming wealthy and a country like in nigeria or ghana should have everybody poor but that is not the case you have rich people in every nation of the world and you have poor people extremely poor people in every nation of the world right from when i was a young guy even before i became an adult i understand this simple fact which is money does not live in a particular location but steve living in a good country definitely increase your chances of becoming

rich so thomas what is the definition of a good or bad country over time when people talk about good country bad country they have this assumption that there are some places in the world where you getting there probably give you assurance of becoming wealthy there is there is no such place in the world people become rich or poor as a result of the way they think not necessarily because of where they live and yes living in a certain location might help you provided you are prepared you know to become wealthy provided you prepare your mind to become rich if you are not prepared to be rich it doesn’t matter where you live you’re still going to be poor that’s the truth so the number one reason why i decided that i would never run away from africa or go and live in america because of money is because i know becoming wealthy doesn’t have anything to do with where i live rather it has everything to do with how i think about money and that is why today i am richer than 99.99 of people who run away from africa even though i’m right here in lagos nigeria the second reason why i decided not to run away from my country because of money is that this is 24th century i know you do know

that this is 24th century but you probably don’t know the difference between 21st century and every other history of human existence so let me give you a picture let’s assume you want to start a business in the 18th century you are going to have to start in your small town or village or probably in one of the few cities of the world and if you are lucky to have that business succeeding it means after like three years or five years you will have your business expanding to the next time and if you keep on succeeding uh maybe in the next one decade 10 years you will have your business maybe in five cities or five times if you are fortunate and you keep on succeeding it means maybe in the next two decades you will have a business that can serve maybe 10 cities or a state in your country and uh if you are fortunate to be among 0.0001 percent of entrepreneur then it means in your lifetime you will have a business that can serve other people in other country that is the picture of reality just 200 years ago fast forward to today you can start a business right now from a village in india or in nigeria or in south africa and i have your first client to be a guy from australia or from america or from united kingdom in my personal experience i had my first successful business in the year 2016. within a year we were making money from maybe four countries today we make money from practically all the countries of the world if not all the country let’s say maybe 75 percent of the country in the entire world so why am

I telling you this very simple this is the 21st century I will only go to a country for another reason other than I want to go and make money why yeah I live in Lagos Nigeria I make most of my money outside my country maybe I should repeat that I live in Lagos Nigeria I make most of my money outside my country it is called technology it is called the internet so it doesn’t make any sense to me that I want to pack my load and tell people I’m rushing to America why I want to go and make money no this is the 21st century and if you are among the multitude we really don’t understand the power we have in this century i challenge you to go and study i understand and learn and be curious to know that time has changed you no longer need to run away from where you live before you make money does this mean you can never travel to america thomas like you find it difficult to understand simple things now this is my point anybody can travel to any part of the world for whatever reasons but for me i would never pack my bag and say i want to go and live in america and people ask me why and i tell them because of money and this is not a conclusion i arrive at today because i am rich this has been my mindset from when i was 17 years 18 years 19 years old i’ve always known i am going to live my life making my money from my country i’m not judging you for running away from your country i’m only telling you

about myself so i want to tell you the third reason why i may never get a point in my life when i tell myself hey i’m packing my bag then i want to go and leave in america or any other country and that is i love my country it’s an emotional stuff so many people even guys we grew up together or who happen to be the citizen of this same country like myself would not agree with me on these because all the time i see people even nigerians talking about their country but for whatever reason since when i was a young guy i have always loved my country there is no intelligence or intellectual reason for that it is purely emotional i love my country but if you want me to tell you some reason then i will have to cook up some reason which is okay i have learned to love whatever i cannot change a good example of that is i was born with sickle cell disease there is no way on heart i’m going to change that i will probably die with that so what should i do about it what i decided to do is to keep on living without bothering myself to think about that every day of my life so i happen to be born black and i happen to be born an african and i happen to be born a nigerian and a lot of people don’t like that a lot of people get angry about that every day a lot of people cost themselves every day today if you go to facebook instagram or other social network you see people from my country regretting every day of their life for being born to my country to me i don’t know how that makes sense because i cannot change that i cannot for

whatever reason or any formula change that so am born in nigerian i’m going to die in nigeria so i choose to love my country and because i love my country i decided to live in my country it’s as simple as that so you might want to ask me how does loving your country benefit you my answer to that is this when you love a particular place you want to contribute to its progress and as a matter of fact that is how people get to become rich we become rich by looking for ways to contribute so because i love my country i always figure out how can i contribute to my country to my continent and naturally such mindsets get you to think about how to solve problems instead of how to complain about it and when you get yourself to that point where you think about how to solve problems naturally you you become wealthy i’m successful now i have said every silly thing i want to say in this video and i’m not even sure it makes any sense to anybody from anywhere in the world uh but i want to apologize to you if for whatever reason you have run away from your country and you feel offended by by my opinion just get this straight to your head i’m talking about myself and i’m not even sure i make any sense other than i created a channel just to talk about whatever i feel like talking about even if it doesn’t make sense i may never get a point in my life when i tell myself i’m packing my load i want to go and live in america i want to go and live in the other kingdom of course i believe it’s a free world you on high can travel to

anywhere in the world for any reason but for me i would never leave my country to go and live in another country just because of money it is my opinion um i have told you the three reasons why that is how i think i should live my life the first is i really don’t think money is a factor of where you live i really don’t think money lives in a particular location people become poor or rich based on how they think about money not because of where they live and second reason is because location has actually been taken off the world we are no longer living in a world of boundary and locations and all of us today live in the same room so practically you can live anywhere and make money everywhere for that reason i don’t see reason why i have to pack my load and go and live in any other country other than my country the third reason is i love my country there is no reason for that other than i love my country it is my country uh so i want to be here i want to stay around and see how i can contribute um see uh how i can be part of the solution to whatever problems my country is facing and i don’t think packing my bag and you know living you know s way is going to help me to do that so if this video makes sense to you yeah maybe you should share with you know a few of your friends if it doesn’t make sense to you i’m sorry thank you

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