5 Habits that Are Difficult to Learn but Needed to Escape Poverty

In the culture where I grew up, most people see success in riches as something that happens so many people believe in luck while others believe in destiny I don’t know what to say about luck and destiny but I do know what to say about success and riches because I have the practical experience rising from abject poverty to building a worthwhile life if you need me to tell you what I know about riches and success I’ll use one of my country’s proverbs which goes like this little drop of water becomes river this essentially means that its a combination of little drops of waters that ends up becoming a big river when it comes to success in achievements in life its the combinations of habits that turn to our destinies and that’s why in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you five of the most important habits you need to become rich and successful, yes these habits are difficult yet there’s no shortcut other than to learn them.

Focus on who you’re becoming not what you have

More than a decade ago I learned a simple formula which changed my life and that is B do have this formula means that the very first step towards a successful life is who you’re becoming and that is the first thing you have to focus on like the saying habits never die most people focus on what they have and that’s why they always look for ways to make what they have to grow you have to form the habit have been focused because whatever you focus on in your life will grow a good example of this was what happened to me in my 20s I spent all of my twenties reading learning and growing my major concern was that I was learning and how my mind was improving I met my wife when I was 24 and married her when I was 29 and she later confessed that I was one of the dirtiest people in the world a little exaggeration here the point I’m making here be that while most of my contemporaries were buying beautiful shoes and clothes I was buying books and seminar tickets because I focused extensively on who I was becoming not what I have check yourself check your habits are you focusing on what you have or on who you’re becoming while I’m not suggesting that you wear rags the way I did I honestly think that one of the primary bad habits of most people be that they focus on what they have not who they are becoming its difficult to focus on the growth of your mind than the growth of your wardrobe or social media followers but that’s what you have to do to become successful.

Action driven mindset

There are two kinds of people in the world people who talk a lot and people who do a lot you don’t need me to tell you which group becomes successful but its a habit action driven life is a habit just as procrastination is a habit I love Paul Holes book The Alchemist tells the magical story of Santiago and Andalusian a shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found on his way Santiago met different people among which was an older man who had been dreaming all his life the difference between Santiago and the older man be that Santiago doesn’t just dream he dreamed and took actions while the older man had only dreamed all his life I know so many people who only dream its know accident its a habit action driven life is a habit too though very difficult to learn in June 2008, I wrote my final exam on a diploma course I was doing before this time I had already made up my mind to start my own business even though I had know money July 24, 2008, I went fully into the business world with less than $50 in my hand and I have never looked back since that day I didn’t do this because I had some superpower know I did it because action has always been a habit to me I love doing I hate talking I hate making excuses this is my challenge to you stop talking stop dreaming stop making excuses make it a habit always to step out and try things because until you have an action driven mindset you can never become successful in life.

Focus on one thing

Just yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my friends about a man who started a YouTube channel like everyone he posted on his channel for about 4 months and stopped posting probably 90% of people who began anything are like this man and it’s a habit people who have the habit of quitting merely trying a few weeks or months while people who have the habit of persistence stay there to figure out how to improve what they are doing and achieve the success they desire we worked hard and invested everything we had for the entire year before we saw any results on this channel that is my experience about virtually everything I’ve ever built and I’ve made it a habit to hang in there learn and learn till I have the breakthrough when I talk about an action-driven mindset some people would think that that means to wake up and tackle everything in the world know you have to choose your battle carefully and fight it till your last drop of blood.

Desire to win all

A few days ago I was watching an interview of Lionel Mess where he was asked which of the tournaments would you like to win this season guess what his answer was you guessed right everything people who win at all in life are the people who want to win everything yes you can’t win everything but if you’re not aggressive enough to want to win everything you won’t win anything positive aggression is a necessary habit because it’s such a habit that makes you push yourself hard practice hard and prepare hard its because a sportsman wants to win all the tournaments that he forgets every pleasure to train hard its because the entrepreneur wants to have a hundred percent of the market share that he studies hard to understand the market and his competition yes you won’t win at all but if you desire to win small you win nothing.

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