Do You Have Dyslexia? (TEST)

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Ostracized from throughout the city. Only must suffer out of a small stress. Please assist me

I said gently through gritted teeth and also moot apologies. Dyslexia Is Quite common affecting

20 percent of the People


Represents 80 to 90 percent of those with disabilities

Reading is complicated

It needs that our own brains to link letters

To seems set those noises in the Ideal sequence and pull on words together in sentences and phrases

We can see and

Know individuals who have dyslexia

Have trouble matching the letters. They see on the page with the sounds those letters and

Combinations make children and adults with dyslexia

struggle to read fluently

Spell words correctly and learn a second language

among other

Challenges but these difficulties have no connection whatsoever with overall

Intelligence what people with dyslexia are slow

readers are often very fast and


Thinkers. So do you think you have dyslexia? Well, we’re now gonna find out if you are likely or unlikely

To have dyslexia. I’m now going to ask you six questions and you are gonna answer with either. Yes

Or no and then at the end of the six questions, we’ll find out what that means for you

The very first question is, do you?


visually similar words such as cat and

Cot the second question is do you lose your place or miss?

Outlines, when you’re reading the third question, is do you have trouble from telling?

Left-to-right. The fourth question is do you get confused when you are given several?

Instructions at once the fifth question is do you find it difficult to find the right word to say?

The sixth and final question is do you find it difficult to read out loud?

Let’s now find out what your scores mean if you answered yes to one or less of these six questions

It’s unlikely that you have dyslexia

However, if you answered yes to two or more of these questions

Then it’s likely and it’s possible that you in fact have dyslexia

Dyslexia cannot be cured. It is a life long condition. However with the right support

dyslexic individuals

Can become highly successful

Students and adults, please

Do not self diagnose yourself from this test if you are now worried and concerned that you might be


please talk to someone at your school at your college at the

University make an appointment with your doctors so they can

Diagnose you properly with dyslexia and then give you the help and support that you need to deal with it

I know what’s hear from you guys and girls in the comment section down below

What did you score on this test? Have you previously been told or been diagnosed with dyslexia?

How does dyslexia affect your life let me know in the comment section if you’ve enjoyed this video?

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