the five important goals I think everyone should set and achieve

age 20 to 30 is the most crucial decade of every human the reason is that decayed is the foundation for the adult life and since the foundation is the most crucial part of any beauty how we spend our 20s overdetermine what the rest of our lives would look like in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you the five important goals I think everyone should set and achieve in their 20s.

One: know yourself

When I was around age 17 I started having some serious concerns about who I was I was close to being an adult I knew I would have to leave grow and achieve success in life and I knew that wouldn’t be so easy if I don’t know myself I started reading a few books I could find about Popples passion and potential I spent a lot of my time assessing myself and seeing how unique and different I was from other people by far this is the most fruitful exercise I ever did because the more I know about myself declare I it becomes that I am a completely different person from everyone else when you arrive at a point like that pretty much everything else about your life becomes easier it’s super easy for me to say no to what everyone says yes to and go when nobody wants to go simply because I have a deep sense about Who I am my strengths my weaknesses and what I’m capable of I think the very first goal you should achieve in your 20s is to figure out who you are because until you know who you are your decisions will mostly be influenced by the world around you you want to have university degrees not because you are convinced that you need it but because the society says it’s compulsory you’ll buy the latest phones and cards not necessarily because you have the money for it but because your friends buy them you will want to work for certain companies not because you’re passionate about such job since you don’t even know what you’re passionate but but because everyone says a good job is a job that pays you well Socrates’s best advice is know thyself because that’s the beginning of leavin so how can you know yourself I think the easiest way to start is to read books about temperaments the best book I know on this subject is why you act the way you do by Tim LaHaye after a deep understanding of your temperaments you should know your strengths and weaknesses this can be a good foundation upon which you built for the studies of yourself spend your time alone and access of difficult questions like what would I do if you have all the money I ever needed what are the three most important things that I achieve if I have supernatural power to do it what do I value other than what society makes me want to have.

Two: Get away from school

I left school at the age of 21 and if I had my life again I would leave school at the age of 15 the reason is that I believe that school is the worst place to learn school wastes so much time to teach simple things because it’s all about the classroom the problem with the classroom is that you can learn nothing in the classroom humans don’t learn by listening to a lecture or by writing notes the true learning happens by doing and by doing alone take for example can you learn how to drive a car by reading books about how to drive a car can anyone teach you how to cook by making you seats in a classroom can you learn how to speak run business inject people like doctors or defend cases in the law court by sitting in the classroom school wants to make you believe that you can learn in the classroom but it’s a lie the easiest and fastest way to learn anything is by observing those who are doing helping those who are doing and doing things yourself learning by doing makes learning easier faster and more fun and that’s the reason you should get out of school as fast as possible I know this may not be achievable by everyone but if your chosen field permits make sure you get out of school as fast as possible so that you can have plenty time to learn meaningful teens in the real world.

Three: Have an emergency fund

I had a phone conversation with my other brother last week during which he shared with me his plans for the weekend he had some crucial things to do and he was preparing but the morning after we talked he woke up to find himself being rushed to the hospital though although he gets the more it becomes evident that we are not in control of our lives you can force seek or get involved in an auto crash you can lose your job or anything nobody wants such things to happen they happen every day and that’s the reason you should learn financial discipline right in your 20s have an emergency fund which can cover your six months expenses you can start little by saving for your one-month expenses – and three months till you have your six months expenses saved this doesn’t only give you some peace of mind it makes you free from rushing to your friends or family members in cases of emergency.

Four: Read at least 30 books about money and life

Another big challenge I have about school is that there is almost nothing in the curriculum to teach you about money while some people may pretend that money isn’t important anyone without money in the modern world is not alive after oxygen money is the next thing you can’t do it out so you better know how it works the good news is that financial literacy isn’t rocket science it’s not difficult if people learn it early in life before the society corrupts their minds I earnestly advise you to set a goal to read at least 30 books about money and life before you’ll be 30 learn about money human relationships leadership some history and little science this will help you as you try to achieve your other dreams in life.

Five: Start a business join the military or create something

By far the most important thing I’ve ever done with my life is to build a company from zero to having more than 20 under my employ I don’t mean the money here instead I’m talking about who you become in the process everyone should do something challenging in their 20s start a business join the military invent something or build something do something very difficult be creative attempting and doing something challenging will change who you are and how you think you build a strong mindset and a determined spirit along the way and the memory will give you confidence in your future endeavors people who have done something difficult usually have the confidence to overcome more difficulties and this confidence makes them achieve more and more in life in contrast people who have never gone through any difficulties are often filled with self-doubts.

Know yourself so that you can choose the life battles you’re capable of winning Get away from school as fast as you can so that you can get to the real world where real learning takes place Have an emergency phone so you can have peace of mind and be prepared for the unexpected

Read at least thirty books about money and life so you can have financial skills and knowledge to take you through life 

Start a business join the military or create something just do something very difficult this will help you have a strong mindset and a committed spirit to tackle subsequent challenges in your adult life.

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