What Is ClickFunnels & How It Made Me $10M+ (Make Money Online With ClickFunnels)

I remember the first time I heard of ClickFunnels I went to a live event, which I wasn’t even supposed to be there, and I saw this really elderly lady at the back room listening to the speaker who was Russell Brunson speaking, and she was making changes and edits to her pages as Russell was speaking. I was like, “Wow, how is she able to make the changes “and edits on the spot so easily “without knowing any programming, designing, and coding. And this is a time when I have three full-time programmers, and what we do is we would have all these different page builders and we would kindly like duct-tape it with our payment processor and try to stick it with our AB split testing software, and all of the other party tools that we were using, we kind of you know, duct tape the entire sales process, and now is how things were like for me approximately four-plus years ago, until ClickFunnels changed everything, which I wanna share with you how you can actually use it as a tool, whether you gonna sell physical products, digital products, whether you wanna get more leads, whether you build wanna network marketing downline, whether you’re a chiropractor, looking to more walk-ins into your practice.

I’m gonna be showing you today what it is that I did to give you the options to see which one resonates most with you. Let’s get started. So let’s first begin with what really is ClickFunnels ’cause many people have different definitions of it. First of all, here’s what it’s not. It is not a biz-ops, is not a business opportunity. It is basically a software to help you build-up strategic pages, that you need to sell products online. Whether it’s a physical product, whether it’s a digital product, whether it’s booked, whether it’s eCommerce, whether it’s a live event, whether it’s to get more leads, whatever it might be. It is a sales process to help you build these strategic pages that you require in order to maximize and give your customers and your audience a great experience from the time they visit your pages, to the time to check out.

It is not a website builder! I’m gonna walk you through what the different models are, so you can decide which one works best for you. Your first option is to sell digital products. Now ClickFunnels is amazing for selling digital products. This is literally what got me started in the online business 12 years ago. Today with ClickFunnels, they have this thing known as the share funnel feature. And basically what it is, is that, what if I told you I could literally give you all these different sales processes that were already proven and in one click, you can literally have this same sales process, transplanted into your account; eBooks, videos, home study courses, intangible products? What are the sales pages that are required in order for somebody to buy your stuff? Step number one, ask for the name and email and opt-in,

Step number two when you would have your main offer selling them, the thing that you actually wanna sell after they give you the name of the email. Step number three is an up-sell page where it says, “Hey, thank you for ordering “I’ve got this special offer for you,” where a small percentage of people will upgrade. And that’s kind of like gonna McDonald’s where all the staff is trained to ask, would you like to supersize it? Would you like to fries with that? And finally, the thank you page, right? So in order to sell a typical visual product, these are the four common pages required to sell digital products.

And number two is physical products. Now in my hand are many different books that I’ve published in the past, and ClickFunnels has literally helped me generate millions of dollars selling physical products like books. Now, I say physical products because it doesn’t necessarily need to book. This could be makeup brushes, these could be physical products that actually help and deliver value to your audience. But I wanna give you an example of why this ClickFunnels work so well for selling e-commerce as well as books as well as physical products. It is because it helps you build a sales process, and it tells you how much an average customer is worth, every time they go through that sales process. Every time they claim that free book where they just need to cover shipping that could be a business model. ClickFunnels is a sales process.

Now, what is the sales process or the different pages involved in selling this book? It will be basically stepping number one, claim this book for free, all you do is pay for shipping. And then after that, they fill in the details, put in their credit card details. And the next step after that is, “Hey Would you like to upgrade for this full master class “and training where we give you all the different templates “and tools to execute this in your organization.” And then after that, there’s one more up-sell which is a recurring per month where they can get resources tools, and training from me. And then after that, it’s the thank you page.

So this sales process for this book, basically, is free plus shipping, order bump, up-sell number one, up-sell number two, and then it is the thank you page. Understand that if this was a website, I would be selling this book for how much? Like 10 bucks at most, but because I have a funnel and because I’ve ClickFunnels, this gives me analytics and insights on exactly how much my customer is worth when they go through this process on average. If I know that an average when a customer goes through this funnel, is worth $80, that means that I know I have the clarity to go on platforms like Facebook, and I can acquire my customer and run ads, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and pay up to say $40 to acquire a customer, and still make $2 for every $1 that I spent, does that make sense? A sales process and ClickFunnels is not about just helping me build these pages, it enables me to understand my numbers.

That’s how I scale my business from five to six, six to seven and seven to eight figures, by really just understanding how much is an average customer worth to me, so that I can take that number I know that number, and then I can go to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, to acquire customers. Number three would be workshops, seminars, or live events. What if you could get a small group of people together to spend a weekend with you, and you literally took what it is that you know your life’s knowledge, experience, your passion, what you’ve been doing your entire life, and you could transfer that skill set, because you put it down to a form of framework to somebody else that will help them save them time, make them money, become more confident, happier, more productive better at a certain skill so that if they spent this two-three days with you, fully immersed, they would have what it is that you have.

And what if you can charge them say $1,000 for your life’s work? Can you imagine your life’s work being worth $1,000? What if ClickFunnels could actually help you do this? That’s what they helped me do. You see when it comes to ClickFunnels, you could be a speaker, a coach looking to sell more of your programs, your events, your workshops, and one of the things that ClickFunnels has been amazing is I literally have used them to build up all my different pages to promote and fill my life events, workshops, as well as my seminars. Now I know that whenever I say this, this can seem really daunting and scary and intimidating for some people, because people might say, “Well, Emmy, speaking is really scary for me.

And this third step here, which has worked wonders for me, I know it might not be for everyone, but what I want to do is I want to push you and share with you that if somebody told me that I could be doing this 10 years ago, speaking in front of thousands of people, 5000 people speaking in more than 20 countries sharing the stage with leaders, luminaries and legends, I would have never believed it. You know why? ‘Cause speaking was scary for me. And it is still scary for me sometimes and because, truly, I’m an introvert, trying to play an extrovert’s game. But what if you could start small? What if it could be just an event where you had five people? Do you think you can handle five people at the start? Well, five people paying you $1,000 each, that’s still $5,000 a weekend. What have you gained a little bit more confidence, and then after that, your second event you had 10 people at $1000 each that will be at that $10,000 event in a weekend, not including any up-sells. Do you think that after doing a while you might have a little bit more confidence and maybe now you could charge $2,000? You see, ClickFunnels, if you wanna sell tickets to a live event is amazing. So what is a live event funnel? A live event really is just step number one, the offer page, register for a live event. Step number two, you’re confirmed. These are the dates of the live event that’s happening, right, simple two-step process for live events.

Now, as I’m giving you these different examples, I want you to start thinking for yourself, which one resonates most with you? Is it number one, digital products, number two, physical products, or number three, live events, seminars, workshops, boot camps. That brings us to number four. And number four is affiliate marketing. One of the things that ClickFunnels has helped me tremendously is using it as a tool to promote other people’s products successfully. And today I’m gonna be showing you in this section how I’ve used ClickFunnels to literally generate, I don’t even know how to put a number attached to it, but winning contest including cars, by promoting products that I did not even create, like literally just setting these pages up that was created on ClickFunnels.

Now, what does this mean? It means that if you are promoting somebody else’s product, the first thing that you might be doing it, you would be driving traffic. Now one of the things that people make the mistake of is, they drive traffic straight to the affiliate offer, promoting somebody else’s product. And that is where the money goes to and die if that is what you’re doing. However, what you wanna be doing instead, is to build up this bridge page, which is basically a page that captures your audience’s information first, their name and email by giving it something away for free. This could be free training, a free checklist, a free blueprint, a free swipe file, a free template so that rather than promoting and selling this stuff straight away, you might have heard this before, if you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business. This is when when you start running ads, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, if you send it to a page and can start capturing a name and email address, now you’re converting traffic that you don’t own to traffic that you own.

This leads, if you treat this lead for life, well, this lead becomes a customer for life. Right now with this lead, you can then promote other people’s products. That is literally how I became one of the top affiliates out there on Clickbank for ClickFunnels winning cars by literally using ClickFunnels to build these bridge pages. So what are bridge pages, is it’s just basic pages in affiliate marketing so that I pre-sell, and that’s the key here. I’m pre-selling rather than selling this jewelry, I am pre-selling on why they need this, and this is what this the selling for the affiliate product. Okay, so ClickFunnels below as well. You notice that I’ve treated a share funnel for literally every single sales process I’m talking about. In the description box below, if you like this one, and if you feel that this one resonates with you, which is the process of promoting somebody else’s product and getting paid commissions in return, then look for the affiliate bridge page funnel, which is basically this process to promote somebody else’s product. And number five would be a high ticket. So question that one of my students asked me in the past was, “So EMMY, what if I sell tractors made in Germany “that cost about 30,000 euros, “nobody’s gonna come to my page “and pay me and PayPal 30,000 euros,” and I said, “That’s correct.” So what if you were in a similar case what if you wanna sell a high ticket service, a high ticket program a mastermind, something worth 10,000, 30,000 $50,000.

So ClickFunnels is great for these types of products through their high ticket funnel or an application funnel. Now what that means is this. So for example, I have a high ticket program called legacy mastermind. It’s my high-level mastermind for my most serious students who want to have one-on-one time with me. And it’s not for everybody, it’s $30,000 a year or $3,000 a month for 12 months. And in order to sell this, now, obviously of I go on Facebook, and I said, “Hey, guys, my name is Peng Joon, “let me teach you internet marketing for $30,000 a year,” people would be like, “Who’s this guy, this guy’s crazy.” So what do I do? I create a two-step process, it’s an application process. Now, what does that mean? It means step one, there’s a video of other people that is in my program, that talks about the results they have generated.

Step number two is the application form. But basically what it says is, it says that I understand this a $30,000 investment and that I am making at least six figures a year, and then this is my application page. So they fill-up the form and guess what happens? When they are filling up the form, it actually disqualifies people, so an application page needs to disqualify audiences telling them to look, it’s not for everybody, it is expensive, it’s for serious players only and now the leads are coming to you, rather than you gonna them.

So if you have a high ticket offer, you can do what it is that I do. Two steps, and again, the share funnel is on the link, look out for high ticket funnel. But the high ticket funnel is a two-step process where step one, it tells people what it is that you’re offering, what it is that they’re gonna get, the price point. And then step number two is now they understand what it is that they’re getting, the price point investment of that, and they fill up the page, guess what? They are now coming to you and you know that the leads that you’re getting are gonna be a lot more high quality. So that’s how you can utilize ClickFunnels to sell high ticket products.

We have literally used ClickFunnels to generate millions of dollars as well selling the high ticket, whether it was our consulting, whether it was our done-for-you services, whether it was the coaching or the mastermind, the application funnel is great for these type of offers. Now, one really important thing, that I want you to commit right now, is to decide out of the five that I’ve listed so far, which one resonates most with you. ‘Cause I can tell you how most people behave. Most people like to hoard information.

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